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Better broadband is...

Who we are

We’re focused on bringing better broadband to hard-to-reach communities so that you can enjoy all the benefits of ultrafast broadband. What sets us apart is an exceptional team. We bring together individuals who embody our shared values, passion and unwavering commitment to prioritise the needs of customers and community.

Better broadband means...

Full fibre broadband

Full fibre connects you to the internet using fibre optic cables from the broadband exchange directly into your home. Many providers only run fibre to the street cabinet, with copper wires used to carry the rest of the signal to your home – often leading to slow or patchy internet. But because fibre optic uses pulses of light to move data ‘at the speed of light’, full fibre internet is faster and more reliable than any other service.

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24 month contract*
900 Mbps
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Three months free
FREE standard installation
FREE router
No in-contract price rises

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What our customers say

Before we had the new network installed, the broadband was good, now it’s incredible, the speeds have been fantastic. It’s honestly game-changing.
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Kylie Kendrick, Voneus Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), or full fibre, uses state-of-the-art fibre optic cables to bring ultrafast broadband directly into your home. Full Fibre gives you unrivalled speed and reliability whenever you are online – from gaming to streaming, video calling to uploading documents. Full Fibre is set to meet not only your current broadband needs, but also future-proof your home in an ever-growing digital world.

A standard istallation is free of charge. But in some cases, for instance if the access route to your home is particularly long, installation may be non-standard. When you place an order, if we think your installation is non-standard we'll send out an engineer to survey your property. If there is a charge for installation, we'll provide you with a full quote, valid for 60 days. And don't worry, we won't start any work until you have agreed the quote.

Speeds may vary depending on the size of your property, thickness of the walls and where your router is placed. The good news is our friendly team are on hand to advise you on how to get the very best coverage in your home, and what additional equipment you might need.

The best broadband package for you will depend on how you use your internet and how fast you want to go! If there are just one or two of you online browsing, our 250Mbps is probably all you need. If there are more of you at home and you're all online at the same time, you'll probably need our 500Mbps package. We'd recommend our fastest package of 900Mbps if you're gaming regularly, or uploading large files. Remember, the faster the speed, the harder your broadband will work for you.

No problem. Go ahead and place your order with us and we'll hold your install for up to 11 months.

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