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Join the switch to better broadband.

Better broadband means...

Full fibre broadband

Full fibre connects you to the internet using fibre optic cables from the broadband exchange directly into your home. Many providers only run fibre to the street cabinet, with copper wires used to carry the rest of the signal to your home – often leading to slow or patchy internet. But because fibre optic uses pulses of light to move data ‘at the speed of light’, full fibre internet is faster and more reliable than any other service.

Better broadband means...

Fast broadband

Our full fibre is fast. Up to 13x* faster than your standard broadband. What’s more, you can upload as much as you download for smoother, more reliable internet. Think live sport that’s actually live, work calls without the freeze frames, and slick live gaming. Pure broadband bliss!

Happy couple streaming TV with ultra-fast broadband
Better broadband means...

More reliable broadband

Copper wires cause signal dropouts and slouchy internet. Full fibre means more reliable, uninterrupted internet - and all the bandwidth you and your devices need to stay online.

Better broadband means...

Stress-free installation

Don’t worry about how you get connected. Our specialist engineers take care of everything on installation day and won’t leave until you’re up and running perfectly.

Better broadband means...

The same speeds ‘up’ and ‘down’

Your new broadband service will give you the same fast upload speeds as download speeds. That means no more waiting to upload videos or large files.

Why switch to Voneus?

  • Connecting Communities

    Supporting and working with local communities is really important to us, as we recognise the unique challenges you face.

  • Hyper local

    You’ll soon get to know our community engagement teams as they bring on-the-ground support to you and your neighbours.

  • No nasty surprises

    Keep the great price you get for the whole of your contract with no in-contract price rises.

  • VoIP phones

    Enjoy cheaper phone calls with our internet phone service. No landline needed.

  • Backed by investors

    We work closely with our investors Macquarie Capital and Tiger Infrastructure who share our vision to bring gigabit broadband to rural communities.

  • Stress-free installation

    Relax with stress-free installation by specialist engineers who will do all the work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), or full fibre, uses state-of-the-art fibre optic cables to bring lightning fast broadband directly into your home. Full fibre gives you unrivalled speed and reliability whenever you are online – from gaming to streaming, video calling to uploading documents. Full fibre is set to meet not only your current broadband needs, but also future-proof your home in an ever-growing digital world.

Voneus offers a Mesh Solution to extend Wi-Fi coverage if your home requires it.

The best way to test your internet speed accurately is to plug your device into your router with an ethernet cable, and run an online speed test – we recommend

Our Zyxel DX3301 routers are state-of-the-art routers that are free with all of our packages.

Faster speeds means more reliable broadband for everyone - no matter how many of you are online at the same time, and whether you are gaming, streaming or video calling.

With an average speed of up to 900Mb/s ultrafast full fibre is up to 13x faster than the UK average broadband speed of 69.4Mb/s as measured by an Ofcom report in 2023.

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