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Build FAQs

All you need to know about our construction work in your area

These works enable us to expand our broadband network coverage to bring ultrafast, fibre-optic internet connectivity to your area. 

We try to finish these works in a matter of days. However, work of this nature sometimes comes with delays that are out of our control. We will of course keep you updated along the way. We have liaised with your local authority during the design process to ensure that any local planning considerations have been acted upon.

Yes! Our build teams will always allow you to access your property during construction; just let them know when you need to enter or leave.

We are experts in bringing ultrafast connectivity and will always find the best and most effective way to deliver the service to you. However, we are always mindful about not disrupting the aesthetics of your community and will work closely with you (and local authorities) to find the best solution, before installation.

For any issues, please contact us on the details provided in this letter. But rest assured, our construction teams always work to a high standard, keeping build areas as clean and clear as possible. When we lay infrastructure, sometimes it is necessary to install around other utilities and we will always do this with the utmost care and attention. Once finished, a local authority representative will inspect all works carried out.

We must identify existing buried services (such as water/gas/electricity) for safety reasons. But don’t worry, our markers are biodegradable, so they won’t be there forever!

Most of our network is built on publicly maintained highways land (i.e., public roads, footpaths, or verges). However, in cases where this is not possible, it may be necessary for us to seek an Access or Wayleave Agreement with the landowner. In this case, we will where possible contact the landowner before the building of the network. 

Sometimes our teams build in phases as we progress through an area. In these cases, we may construct a ‘temporary fix’ so that the footpath can be used normally until we return. 

All our work is undertaken sympathetically and in line with Historic England guidance. Most local planning/conservation authorities have classed our standard installation equipment as de-minimus, this removes the need for listed building consent. You should, however, ensure this has been specifically approved in your area. Where approvals are needed, we would advise signing up for the service as soon as possible, allowing applications to be progressed therefore avoiding delayed installation. 

We will aim to connect you and your neighbours at the same time. However, if that isn’t possible, we will work with both households to find a mutually acceptable solution to reach your properties.  

Yes. As we lay our infrastructure, we may need to shut your road for a period. However, we will give you the required notice, and do our best to minimise the disruption. 

We liaise with the local authority to ensure the correct traffic management permits are in place. Whether that’s closing a road, using temporary stop-and-go signals, or just checking manholes.

You can register for our service online here or by calling us on 0333 880 4141.