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Easy Switching with Voneus Broadband


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03. - Sign up

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We recommend that you keep your existing broadband connection with your current provider until your installation has been completed to minimise disruptions.

Still in contract?

No worries, you can secure your deal today. Simply call our friendly team on 0333 880 4141 or order online and we'll hold your install for up to 11 months,depending on how long is left of your minimum commitment period with your current broadband provider.

Alternatively, you can contact your current broadband provider to find out more about your contract obligations and any early termination fees.

Moving your existing number to Voneus Digital Home Phone (Number Porting)

When you place an order with us for Voneus Digital Home Phone, you can request to port your number so you can keep your old number.

You must keep your landline active with your current supplier until the porting process has been completed.

Porting requests are submitted after the broadband service has been activated and take on average 10 working days.

All information provided must be accurate.  Any discrepancies may result in delays and could mean your number is lost.

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the differences between a traditional landline and a digital home phone (VoIP) service before placing your order. Our Digital Home Phone service is provided over our broadband connection so you must maintain a broadband service to continue receiving the phone service.

The digital home phone service will not work if there is a disruption or outage to the broadband connection or power outage.

You will be able to use your Digital Home Phone to call the emergency services 999 and 112, unless there is a power or network failure, in which case you will need to use an alternative phone to call the emergency services, for example, a mobile phone.

It is your responsibility to ensure any additional services linked to your analogue phone systems are compatible with our Digital Home Phone service.