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Last updated: 29th September 2023

To ensure that all customers can access our services fairly and that the services are used in a lawful and appropriate way, we have to set out rules around how the services can be used. This Acceptable Use Policy sets out those rules.


1.     Who does this apply to?

This Acceptable Use Policy is applicable to all Voneus customers and anyone authorised by them to use our services (known in this Acceptable Use Policy as the "Services").

As a reminder this Acceptable Use Policy forms part of our contract with you.


2.     Restrictions on your use

When using our Services, you may not:

  • use the Services for any commercial use;

  • use the Services in a way that is disproportionate to what would be expected for good faith usage of residential broadband and VOIP services;

  • use the Services for any activity which is or is intended to be unlawful or illegal, such as: fraud, piracy, violating copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws;

  • Infringe any rights of others including their intellectual property rights or privacy rights;

  • threaten, stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, or abuse anyone for any reason;

  • invade anyone's privacy by attempting to harvest, collect, store, or publish private or personally identifiable information, such as passwords, account information, credit card numbers, addresses, or other contact information without their knowledge and consent;

  • try to gain unauthorized access to any other service, data, account, or network by any means;

  • transmit content that harms or disrupts, or intends to harm or disrupt, another user's access to the Services or their device or would allow you or others to illegally access software or bypass security on devices, web sites, or servers, including but not limited to spamming or denial of service attack;

  • knowingly transmit any data, send or upload any material that contains viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time-bombs, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware or any other harmful programs or similar computer code designed to adversely affect the operation of any computer software or hardware; or

  • use the Services to distribute any offering or link designed to violate the Acceptable Use Policy or our contract.

You are responsible for protecting your computer against interference, spyware or viruses that may be encountered with downloaded items from the Services.


3.     What happens if I don't comply with this Acceptable Use Policy?

If we believe or suspect that you (or an individual you have allowed access to the Services), have failed to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy, we may at our discretion:

  • investigate the possible violation;

  • temporarily suspend your access to the Services;

  • terminate your access to the Service or our contract for the Services;

  • commence legal proceedings; and/or

  • if necessary, report your actions to the police or other law enforcement.

Any complaints received through a formal legal process will be actioned accordingly.


Where possible we will notify you of any breach of this Acceptable Use Policy and request that you comply with the terms.


4.     How can I report a violation of this Acceptable Use Policy?

Please report violations of this Acceptable Use Policy to us as soon as possible using the contact details on our website. When reporting by email, please include the words "Acceptable Use Policy" in the subject line.


5.     Will the Acceptable Use Policy be updated?

This Acceptable Use Policy is reviewed regularly and may be amended from time to time. It is your responsibility to ensure you aware of the updated version of the Acceptable Use Policy and we recommend you check our website regularly for updates. It is also your responsibility to ensure anyone you allow to use the Services complies with this Acceptable Use Policy.