Voneus response to COVID-19 (updated)

The COVID-19 position is developing, and advice is changing daily. 

The UK Government has categorised broadband as an essential service. We understand more than ever that our existing and new customers in rural and isolated communities urgently need Superfast broadband.

To ensure the uninterrupted operation of our service(s), we are continuing to install new customers and support existing networks while adhering to all public health responsibilities.

Should an on-site visit be required, either for a new installation or a service call, we will attend as usual.  However, our team will now follow enhanced health and safety practices, and in doing so, we will need your help to make sure our visit is safe.

Our engineers are equipped with the required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Before visiting your home or business, they will clean all contact points within their vehicles, i.e. steering wheel, gear stick, handles, hand break etc.

On arrival at your property, our engineers will abide by social distancing rules and ask a series of questions.  A ‘no’ response to all the questions will allow the works to continue.

Your engineer will ask you:

  • If anyone at the property is displaying COVID-19 symptoms?
  • If anyone at the property, in the last seven days has come into contact with anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms?
  • If anyone in the property is self-isolating because of illness?
  • If anyone at the property has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has returned from a coronavirus high-risk area in the last 14 days?

 Upon entering your property, the engineer will be equipped with the following protective items, designed to safeguard both you and them:

 Disposable items: overshoes, one-piece full body and head coveralls, gloves and face masks.

  • Goggles, are multi-use and sanitised after each visit.
  • Hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Hi-visibility jackets that show the company logo on the front and with the words “Key Worker as defined by HM Government” on the back.
  • A Voneus Photo ID Card
  • A Key Worker authorisation letter on company letterhead.

 The engineer will complete the required works as quickly as possible minimising the time spent in your property.

Please rest assured that the safety of our customers and engineers is a priority; we are working hard to keep you connected and welcome you as a new Voneus customer.

Join the rural communities now streaming, connecting, learning, working, gaming, and browsing thanks to our superfast and ultrafast internet.

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