Udderly-sensational – the cows helping to bring super-fast broadband to rural not-spots



Beefing up fast and reliable internet access in the countryside – with the help of cows.

Voneus has launched the Moodem, a small router which is attached to a cow’s collar and allows the public to log online with speeds of up to 50Mbps.

The device is set to revolutionise broadband capabilities in rural areas, often the site of poor or no internet access leaving lost commuters struggling to access maps on their phone or individuals unable to contact friends and family.

The Moodem, which connects to a small transmitter on the farmhouse or barn, has a range of 1.5km which means those looking to go online can do so safely without having to stand next to cattle.

Voneus, which specialises in connecting rural and hard-to-reach areas of the UK to fibre broadband, will fund the public Wi-Fi as part of its commitment to giving back to rural communities.

The technology has already been installed at Eastwood Farm in Shenington, Oxfordshire, and farmer Jonathan Court is thrilled with the results.

He said: “Rural communities are close-knit and we look to support each other wherever possible.

“The subject of internet access is a hot topic, especially in these parts, so to be able to help is fantastic.”

The Moodem can also provide an opportunity for farmers to boost sales at their farm shop or other businesses through advertising when people first log on. Alternatively, users can avoid promotional messages, by downloading the On The Moove app and creating an account.

The technology is the very latest making use of Locational Optimised Omni Frequency (LOOF) on the cows and Locational Intelligent Roaming Prioritised Attenuated (LIRPA) on the farm building.

Zoe Day, head of marketing and communications at Voneus, said: “Looking back at LOOF LIRPA, we knew straight away this was ideally placed to support our mission to provide rural homes and businesses with the same super-fast broadband as you get in the city.

“We pride ourselves on being part of the communities we serve. This includes engaging with residents and business owners to understand wider issues and concerns beyond having a reliable internet connection to their property.

“We hope the Moodem is viewed as a legen-dairy moment in the battle to get all corners of the UK connected online.”

Happy April fools' day! ☺️

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