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Frequently Asked Questions

On a 24 month contract, you'll get your first month free of charge. For example, a 250 Mbps package will cost you nothing for the first month, then £34.99 for 23 months. The price is locked for the whole of the 2-year contract.

Speeds may vary depending on the size of your property, thickness of the walls and where your router is placed. The good news is our friendly team are on hand to advise you on how to get the very best coverage in your home, and what additional equipment you might need.

The best broadband package for you will depend on how you use your internet and how fast you want to go! If there are just one or two of you online browsing, our 250Mbps is probably all you need. If there are more of you at home and you're all online at the same time, you'll probably need our 500Mbps package. We'd recommend our fastest package of 900Mbps if you're gaming regularly, or uploading large files.

We're working with the government to upgrade broadband in hard to reach areas to a faster, more reliable Full Fibre digital network. The government backed voucher scheme covers the cost of installing Full Fibre and bringing it straight into your home.

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