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About Us

Join the switch to better broadband.

Better broadband is...

Who we are

We’re focused on bringing better broadband to hard-to-reach communities so that you can enjoy all the benefits of ultrafast broadband. What sets us apart is an exceptional team. We bring together individuals who embody our shared values, passion and unwavering commitment to prioritise the needs of customers and community.

Meet your executive team

Our exec team has a combined industry experience of over 50 years. They know their broadband!

  • Christopher - Voneus broadband leadership team


    Chief Executive Officer

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    Christopher Chief Executive Officer
    At Voneus, our top priority is you. One customer said a team member worked “like a Jedi” to get them set up. I think this brilliantly sums up the work we all do to bring you a more reliable connection. My favourite part of the job is meeting customers face-to-face, in their villages. I’m now a huge cricket fan after watching the fantastic Voneus Village Cricket Cup final at Lord’s. A great day out and just one of the many events we’re proud to support.
  • Francesca -  Voneus broadband leadership team


    Chief Customer Officer

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    Francesca Chief Customer Officer
    I’ve worked in UK broadband companies for 19 years now (yes, I love broadband), including the big players like BT and Virgin. But this job tops the rest by a mile because we’re truly changing our customers’ lives. Bringing you game-changing gigabit broadband, no matter where you live. What a buzz!
  • Justin Voneus broadband leadership team


    Chief Technology Officer

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    Justin Chief Technology Officer
    After three decades working in high-tech innovation, my position as CTO at Voneus fills me with immense pride. I have the privilege of contributing to rural communities by delivering dependable, high-speed broadband that has the potential to revolutionise their way of life. Voneus is a fabulous place to work, it’s on a mission that is so exciting as we deliver a truly game-changing service to our customers.
  • Ed - Voneus broadband leadership team


    Chief Financial Officer

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    Ed Chief Financial Officer
    When it comes to broadband, rural communities have taken a back seat for too long. We’re here to change that. And as CFO, I’m delighted to drive Voneus’ mission to bring top-class connectivity to underserved areas. I’ve lots of experience delivering previous generations of digital infrastructure, and it’s a real privilege to help usher in a new era of rural broadband
  • Iian – Voneus broadband leadership team


    Director, Strategy & Planning

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    Ilan Director, Strategy & Planning
    I’m proud to have been part of Team Voneus since 2020, scaling our Broadband coverage across the UK, and transforming thousands of our customers’ lives in the process. Leading our strategic intent and where we deploy our Gigabit technology, is a huge responsibility, yet one I relish everyday of the week. Our passion to serve our customers, alongside our thirst for innovative and market leading technology, makes Voneus a special place to work.
  • Ceri - Voneus broadband leadership team


    Deployment Director

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    Ceri Deployment Director
    I bring a wealth of experience from various industries and a military background to lead our mission delivering fast internet to underserved communities. Voneus stands out with its family-oriented culture, innovative solutions, and a commitment to community engagement, before, during and after deployment. My satisfaction comes from ensuring these villages no longer miss out on essential broadband services.
  • Julie -  Voneus broadband leadership team


    Chief People Officer

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    Julie Chief People Officer
    I love being part of an amazing team providing the latest broadband services to customers living in hard-to-reach areas. Living myself in a small rural village, I absolutely understand and appreciate the value of the services we are providing to people on a daily basis.

Why switch to Voneus?

  • Connecting Communities

    Supporting and working with local communities is really important to us, as we recognise the unique challenges you face.

  • Hyper local

    You’ll soon get to know our community engagement teams as they bring on-the-ground support to you and your neighbours.

  • No nasty surprises

    Keep the great price you get for the whole of your contract with no in-contract price rises.

  • VoIP phones

    Enjoy cheaper phone calls with our internet phone service. No landline needed.

  • Backed by investors

    We work closely with our investors Macquarie Capital and Tiger Infrastructure who share our vision to bring gigabit broadband to rural communities.

  • Stress-free installation

    Relax with stress-free installation by specialist engineers who will do all the work for you.

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Our investors

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Specialists in digital infrastructure

We work closely with our investors Macquarie Capital and Tiger Infrastructure, specialists in digital infrastructure who share our ambitions to roll-out full fibre to underserved communities.

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